About us

Association Initiative was established in 2009 in Samobor, Croatia, with an aim of improving and promoting the significance of lifelong education through conferences, lectures and courses.

We are dedicated to lifelong learning for entrepreneurship since it is a generator of building a new society based on human capital, research, education and innovation.

Mission, vision and values

Mission - What we do?

Association Initiative was established in 2009 in Samobor as a result of work and actions of a number of enthusiasts with the aim of gathering persons engaged in the education business and promotion of life-long learning education and those who recognize the importance of life-long learning education and want to nurture and encourage it.
Our mission is to work with quality in advancing and promoting the importance of life-long learning education and to provide the opportunity for all interested persons to enrich their knowledge through consultations, lectures, courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, forums and other meetings.
Also, the Association participates in strenghtening and supporting development of entrepreneurship, with special emphasis on women's entrepreneurship, with the aim to increase the proportion of women starting their own businesses. Association Initiative works with people who have an interest in learning and acquiring new knowledge, skills and competences, and with those who want to continue their education after the completion of formal education.
And last, but not least, our aim is to raise public awareness of the importance of life-long learning education and recognition of informal knowledge. We want to emphasize that the specific knowledge we have as individuals differ from each other and make us special, as it is said, like snowflakes. Thus we want to encourage everyone to acquire new knowledge and to appreciate kwoledge they already have.

Vision - What we want to achieve in long term?

Vision of the Association Initiative is to raise the importance of continous education after the completion of formal education and to emphasize the benefits of non-formal education in order to acquire additional knowledge, skills and competences. The goal of our organization is to help young people, unemployed people, entrepreneurs, women, students, pensioners, children and all others who need additional training and education on their road to succes and building economic prosperity. Thus, vision and goal of Association Initiative are to improve life-long learning education in order to promote humanistic, social and economic development of society at the local and regional level.

Our values and what we stand for in our work:

  • Recognition of informal knowledge and skills
  • Promoting modern methods of education
  • Promoting quality in education
  • Encouraging diversity of professional and skilled profile
  • Encouraging including of women in entrepreneurship
  • Promoting the importance of continued education
  • Cooperation and teamwork
  • Respect for human relations
  • Tolerance and acceptance of diversity