Youth Entrepreneurial Academy - Tesla and Us


As children, elementary, high school or university students get out of class, they sometimes lack additional stimulation or simply the company of their peers. This is why participating in TAU – international camp is more than a good option for self-realization. Participants of TAU – international camp will enjoy project activities in STEAM areas, entrepreneurship, games and company of their peers all while spending time in a safe environment. Diverse programs in interactive workshops will help them choose the activity appropriate for their own affinities. Our participants of all ages are provided with the possibility to, with appropriate support and leadership as well as under supervision of a team of experts, spend unforgettable moments working with their peers on common projects.

The value and necessity of TAU – international camp is in providing a relaxed environment for the participants to with ease and enthusiasm engage with the technical and technological incentive based on the work of Nikola Tesla. With motivation and quality education for the participants, we allow them easy acquisition of technical and technological skills in a time period shorter than that the same activity would usually take in a basic educational environment. A stimulating environment, excellent experts and pedagogues all work together with our motivated participants on improving not only their knowledge, but also character. An environment such as this of TAU – international camp builds self-esteem in youth, contributes to the positive picture of oneself and the awareness of the importance of knowledge acquisition in the STEAM and entrepreneurship areas, all while working hard and being a part of a team.

TAU - international camp is created for children, elementary and high school students as well as university students who wish to improve their skills in the STEAM areas and entrepreneurship.




Project initiators

  •  City of Gospic and Association Enterprising

Project carrier

  •  Association Enterprising

Workshop duration

  •  8 days (Saturday to Saturday)

Place of realization

  •  Gospic, Otocac, Plitvice Lakes, Udbina






Project slogan

  • Tesla's innovations – world inspirations.


  • To become internationally unique camp for development of youths interested in technic and entrepreneurship.


  • Using innovative workshops to add to and develop creativity, responsibility, technical and entrepreneurial competence within the youth.


  • To recognize the impact Tesla’s achievements in our everyday life through initiating the development of ideas, creativity, critical thinking, entrepreneurship, cooperation and teamwork.